Cassie Carlisle Wins the HONOR Women’s Championship

cassieTonight at a special HONOR Wrestling event held in Tokyo, Japan we witnessed the finals of the HONOR Wrestling Women’s Championship Tournament. The final match pitted Cassie Carlisle against former HONOR Women’s Champion Fumiko Yamada.

Yamada had the size and strength advantage. And Cassie, a woman who had never held a championship in her career, looked to have the whole entire deck stacked against her. But Cassie had other plans.

Fumiko came out using power moves to weaken Cassie. And after slamming her to the mat with a powerbomb, things looked grim for Cassie’s HONOR Women’s Title hopes. But Cassie fought on, using strikes, speed, rebound moves and anything else she could think of to keep on fighting. After knocking the former Women’s Champion down with a springboard kick to the side of the head, Cassie cracked Fumiko in the head with a shining wizard. But Yamada kicked out at ONE!

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Matt Kraven is Still the HONOR World Champion

Tonight at HONOR Wrestling’s first event since late March, not only did we see four HONOR Wrestling Women’s Title Tournament matches, but we got an epic announcement.

Matt Kraven, the last HONOR Wrestling World Champion came out with the championship. Most HONOR Wrestling fans assumed Kraven was coming out to announce that he was relinquishing the title due to his neck injury.

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The HONOR Women’s Title Tournament

quinnFor the very first time the HONOR Wrestling Women’s Championship is vacant. Quinn Delaney won the title on April 24 of this year, however after HONOR Wrestling shut down for a few months, Quinn won the FFP Women’s Championship. Quinn has decided to put all of her focus on holding the FFP Women’s Title, so she relinquished the HONOR Women’s Title.

So, eight lucky ladies now have the opportunity to compete in a single-elimination tournament to be crowned the new HONOR Women’s Champion. Former champions Yuriko Fuji and Fumiko Yamada must be the odds on favorites. However the likes of Cassie Carlisle, Mandy Ellison and Marilyn Mondo should catch your eye as well.

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News Regarding the HONOR Wrestling Titles

img_0580As you all probably know, the greatest professional wrestling promotion in Japan, HONOR Wrestling is returning! And although still under the ownership of Matt Kraven, HONOR Wrestling will showcase some of the best wrestling in the world right here live from Tokyo, Japan.

Many questions have arisen regarding the HONOR Wrestling Championships. Currently, we have news about many of the titles.

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